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Originally Posted by SomeRandomer123 View Post
Haven't really used Sport+ yet so can't really comment. I'd rather keep my car on the road than round a tree!
Hahaha. Same here. My car hasn't gone above Sport for just that reason. I haven't ready anything that indicates any advantages of Sport+ over regular Sport aside from the DTC being active and disabling DSC (i.e. limited traction and stability somewhere between all systems on and nothing at all). I drove several cars in Sport+ while at the Performance Center, and it was A LOT of fun drifting and burning some rubber, but it's a lot different doing that on a track compared to public roads. That's part of the reason why I got a 650xi. xDrive still gives me some RWD feel with the 40:60 front/rear power while working with ARS, DSC, and a million other systems to let me have my fun while keeping me away from that tree that you mentioned.

Glad to hear the different drive settings are working well for you. I pretty much never leave Sport because I love the noise of burning money that comes out of my M tuned exhaust and the quicker throttle response. Combine Sport mode with my use of the downshift paddle for no reason other than the roar from the rear, and you get amazing mpg (between 10.5 and 11.5 mpg is my average). The EcoPro setting would likely help... but that would require me to use it

Your video of Plugin is making me seriously consider the cradle. I'm going to hold off until my self-control completely deteriorates. Below is a video from my Blog/YouTube Chanel I did that shows how the iPod/iPhone integrate with iDrive without the cradle (just using the white Apple cable).