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Originally Posted by dude987
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Only done it once now I've passed 1200mls but super quick, super savage, super effective. Nice.

So, if you're in any doubt of which automatic transmission to get, get the Sport Auto without doubt, it is worth a £1000 more than the standard and only £150 extra in the UK!
If I'm not mistaken, I believe there is no difference between the auto transmission between any lines i.e. Luxury, Modern, or Sport. You get the same sport mapping transmission when you shift the lever into manual mode. The only thing you get with the "Sport Auto Transmission" is the paddle shifters. The way the option is worded is a bit gimmicky. Kind of like Dynamic Cruise Control. Still trying to figure out whats so "Dynamic" about cruise control.
You're quite wrong about that.
The Sport Automatic Transmission gets the following over the Automatic Transmission:
Better software - much quicker shifts and smoother - this is worth
£1000 on its own and its only £150 more!!
Flappy paddles
Leather gear stick surround
Premium gear selector

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