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With money, anything is possible. You could even get the one with a ceramic finish like on the 5er to 7er if you opt for Controls with Ceramic finish.
Ceramic controls are absolutely ridiculous. $650 is absurd to put some bits of ceramic on the shift lever, A/C knobs, and radio controls.

That being said, I would be kicking myself every single day for the rest of my life if I had passed up this option. I'm glad I spent the money every single time I look at it or touch it.

Yes, it's the price of an iPad to put some pieces of ceramic over the normal controls, but it makes all the difference in the world when you look at the car.
Yeah, the price is unjustifiable for me but I do like the look of them! Would love to see you spec up a car, I bet it'll look fantastic!
Building a BMW requires a lot of self control not to tick every option available. This is particularly bad when packages are $5,000 and there are a dozen a la carte options starting at $500. It ranks pretty high up on the list of worst first world problems