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Originally Posted by f30_Vincent View Post
I'm having trouble with my non-enhanced bluetooth. Haven't taken it in yet, haven't seen anyone post a similar problem after searching the forums.

My phone (Motorola Droid 3, Android 2.3) connects to the car's bluetooth every time I get in the car. Everything seems to be working fine as I can make and receive calls (call quality is great!). However, if I'm on a long (5+ minutes) call, the car "drops" the call, which is still active on my phone. I can't seem to do anything to make the phone reconnect to the car. I tried disabling and enabling the bluetooth, didn't help. Reboot the phone, didn't help. Restart the car, bluetooth reconnects. Anyone seen something like that?
Your phone may not be compatible with the iDrive in the 3 series.
Not all phones are compatible with our cars. And it varies by model. But what you describe sounds exactly like that.
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