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Originally Posted by steveMizdaman View Post
believe its just double sided tape and few clips or screws...suppose to be very simple from what I read on the forums. didn't actually find the instructions though. I wouldn't worry though. when are you suppose to get yours?
Hey Steve, so I picked mine up today and installed it. The reason there are no instructions for the rear diffuser is because it's really straightforward. No double sided tape in the process. The diffuser is held in place by 7 screws along the lower outer edge and a series of tabs on the upper part where it meets the bumper. Remove the screws and access the outermost tab from the underside of the car. You can reach between the exhaust pipe. Pull down and push the first tab out. It's a little tough but once the first one comes out, the others pop out in sequence. Reverse the process and done!
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