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I plead the 5th.
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Originally Posted by SwampCat84 View Post
HEY! Yea, I am really glad ur car was there when I came down that day.. It helped me a lot to visualize fitment.. glad I didnt go with the ET33 on these 721s.. it would have been too much.. I just got them put on last saturday, and going to get the spacers on tomm. I got 7mm spacers for the rear but im a little worried cuz they look pretty stanced already! They should be ok.. I keep thinking of urs and you have a 5mm spacer and they are still tucked a bit.. Im not going as low as you, so I should be ok...
Yeah, not sure how I feel about the tucked look, LOL. I had some 275's left over from my last setup, and no way I could use that on 9.5 ET33. Only option was 9.5 ET45 with some spacers.

Keep in mind my car was 9.5 ET40 w/275's, -1 camber. If it were raised a bit with zero camber, the fitment should be perfect. Next setup will be the 9.5 ET35 non-staggered w/235 & 255's... we'll see how it goes haha.

What tire sizes you going with? 9.5 ET38 looks like a pretty good fit with 265's from what I've seen.