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Originally Posted by remmib View Post
But this article is about sharpness
Did you read it remmib?

The #3 question I get asked is a twofer—how do I get the great color and images that look so sharp? The answer is so simple, yet it’s not. The key ingredient that makes both color look more vibrant and your images sharper—is black. Yep, that one simple, yet vital color works all that magic, and so much more. Ever wanted to make your images more vibrant in post and turned to Levels, bringing that slider a little to the left, punching up the blacks? How about sharpening in post using Unsharp Mask, which adds a little black to the edge of a pixel? What’s working that magic in both of these post solutions? The addition of black! How can you work this magic at the camera?

Underexposure! Yep, that’s it, that’s the secret, that’s what I’ve been using for thirty years to punch up colors and trick the eye into thinking my images are sharper than they really are. It’s really hard to believe that this little thing can make such an impact, but it does. I can guarantee that all the photos you’re seeing here or on my website were underexposed a minimum of -1/3, and up to -3 stops. My “zero,” as it were, is -1/3. I underexposed my film as I do my digital, with it all having the exact same effect on the photographs and the viewer’s eye.