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Originally Posted by soolman32 View Post
Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate wanting to enhance the appearance of a car and the stock exhaust definitely needs an upgrade. I don't dislike the fact that it has 4 tips.. I can handle that. It's more that the 4th tip clearly isn't functional and they didn't even make the effort to give it it's own piping. Design fail in my opinion and hence the faking the funk comment.

With all that said, I still like the fully installed appearance.
i believe it funnels through, the dual tips that are on the passenger side.
it's diff'ly functional-u can hear it in the video. the space on the passenger side is tight on the 328 F30 because of the battery area. If you look at the quad Eisenmann, u can see how they minimized the pipe'n on the same side.

To get a clean quad - imo, u would have to get a smaller can and
place the quads tips, little more toward the center for more room. At that point u'll need a custom diffuser - or maybe use a 335 F30 quad diffuser for the msport - which i don't know if anybody makes yet.

pict of eisenmann pict ref quads:

at least there are options for the F30 4 banger.
this thread will be a good reference for anyone that looks for quads for the F30.

Originally Posted by the infamous... View Post
hey TankiE...90 :waves: ...exh looks great n sounds delish, yum _____

quads ftw! LTMW FTMFW!! get w/ the program ppl
whaazzup --

Originally Posted by Pandarakus View Post
sounds great and looks clean. May I know much does it cost in total?
I'm sure the owner would appreciate the comment -
i have no clue of cost, check out the vendor section and
pm some of them. The forum vendors are very helpful.

Originally Posted by DarkTrigger View Post
Sounds like a 335i now...
does it?
don't know bout that.
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