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Originally Posted by Jackson743 View Post
Am I the only one that thinks the owner should have just bought a 335i in the first place.

I mean, I'm sinking cash into a 335i M-Sport with M-Performance parts and being to think, I should just save another 12 months and buy a real new gen M3. If I was my own buddy or coworker, I'd start calling my rig a faux-M.
Well, were you going for the best 335i m-sport or were you going for an M-clone? From where I stand, I've sunk a ton of cash in to my E92, complete with software, M3 suspension swap and a quaife LSD. I could have afforded an M3, but I know if I jumped on that ship, I would have started out with the same car I ended up with in the N54 BUT would have sunk even more cash in to the M3 by adding an ESS blower to it and in the end would have said "should have just bought an M6". Its a vicious cycle.

As it stands, I'm happy with the handling, sound and performance of my N54 and especially the insurance/gas when compared to an equally modified M3.
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