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Originally Posted by adelphi_sky View Post
No impressed at all. IF a driver needs to do all that while going 80mph, then they just need to park and whip out their Ipad or something. Not sure why people are holding off on their orders for this. The allure is just that it is new and shiny. Increased graphics? Was there really an issue with the old graphics? Still can't watch a DVD while driving. Party apps in an ultimate driving machine? Really? The only thing I would be interested in is a weather radar function. But I get that on my phone, so I still wouldn't cancel or change an order. 90% of the stuff you can't do while actively driving in an urban area. You'd have to park it do most of that stuff. As long as it helps me get from point a to point b, plays my music, (do I really need to look at album art while driving?), and provide auto system feedback. Not a fan of facebook, twitter, etc. There's no email that important that I need to read it while driving. Text either. If it is that important, the person should call. You guys are letting technology encroach on your sanity too much. Step away from the grid. You'll be happier.
I wasn't going to say it that way...but you've laid out some of my thoughts on the current technological trends. I do agree that some of those features are hardly used or appreciated by majority of the users, however, I think it's the idea or perception by new customers that their new ride (within a year) is already outdated by a newly introduced features that cannot be retrofitted for whatever reason. BMW, in recent years, has been making changes and adding features to most lineup within short period. But, I guess it's the nature of the auto business nowadays in order to stay compatitive.