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Yes you don't understand.

I can understand why many of you just don't get the 5GT.

Traveling down any highway, from both ends the 3/5 mainstream models just all look alike. It's difficult to figure out which is which.

I did look at the generic 3/5 models and finally bought the 535i Xdrive GT.

1. 1 Series too small.
2. 3 Series (generic), just to plain, just too small.
3. 5 Series (generic), just to plain.
5. 7 Series, more than I was willing to pay, not that I couldn't.
6. 5 Series GT, 7 series luxury for a price slightly more than 5 series (generic).

I bought mine as an EDP because I couldn't find a luxury rental in Europe to accommodate three ( 1 male + 2 female ) passengers and their luggage for four (4) weeks. Just try to put luggage for two women packing for that long in a standard 5/series.

Yes so my GT was an expensive rental car. You can either hate it or love it but when you are on the highway and come up on a 5/GT you don't have to look very long to know it's not a generic 3/5 series model.
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