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Originally Posted by UltimateBMW View Post
I couldn't disagree more with that.

Hellmund is the sole entire reason the race is even going on in the first place. And the breach of contract was because the money didn't show up on time, this was not Hellmund's fault as he was simply the promoter, McCombs is the money.

Then, after he got the contract, designed the track with Tilke, and placed all the blocks to build this thing; they try to squeeze him out at the end. Which is the cause for the lawsuit.
The lawsuit really puts into perspective what was going on back in late 2011. Bernie was involved a lot more than he was letting on. Tavo says he still wants the track and race to go on as schedule, even though he just filed a lawsuit. But if his desire is to make sure this race goes off without a hitch and his desire is for the people of Austin, the State of Texas and the fans… it sure seems odd that all the talk and lawsuit is centered around money and Hellmund getting a big chunk of it for his initial involvement. Fact is he lost controll of the project when he forked over a 75% share in the project to Texas businessmen McCombs and Epstein, in return for hundreds of millions. Moral of the story...he wants his MONEY.