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Originally Posted by minImANia View Post
Nice color! Very special indeed. Did you have to order and wait for this? Most of the stock in the dealership near my area are white, white, and white.
It's getting better. With the '14 models most were overloaded with options and packages, and what wasn't white was black or grey. Now the more attractive colors are showing up, as well as those with fewer frilly options and packages. Maybe BMW finally figured out that the average GT customer is interested in utility, not bling. IMO the only must haves are nav and rear view. I ended up with heated seats and enhanced USB as well, but that being only an additional $1,000 it wasn't a deal breaker, and I do like the heated seats. The only other option I would like is intelligent cruise, but the only way I could get it was packaged with $3k to $5k of other stuff that I didn't want. I'll live without it.
BTW, I've found that Midnight Blue is almost as bad as black where showing dirt is concerned. It's gorgeous, but be prepared to wash it weekly. I also had scratches show up just behind the wheel wells within the first 200 miles. Mud flaps are a must. You can't get them as an option in the US, but you can get them from BMW of Mt.Laurel New Jersey and put them on yourself. PN 82-16-2-333-951,82-16-2-333-951