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Originally Posted by westwing222 View Post
Just for that particular set of test parameters though right?

I don't have any experience with upgrading ICs, but is it a fair question to ask...that a basic test run, like this graph is showing, isn't a sold representation of what the IC COULD do at hard pulls in 3rd ed or Mike was requesting?

I guess what I'm asking is, is it possible the IC does well during this basic test run, but the ass falls completely out of it when you get into those hard pulls in 3rd and 4th?

Can it be assumed, or is there a high probability of those pulls in 3rd or 4th having a lower temp(performing better) than stock, or as good as the more expensive just looking at a basic run such as this graph shows?
I've ordered a unit as well. I'll be beating the hell out of it and posting multiple logs.