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I had the 3g Gear S and really loved it but I was tethered to Android. The awesome thing about it being cellular was I could go for a walk, work out or leave my phone in the car while grocery shopping etc and still have calls sent to the watch. I really had started switching over to iOS and saw the Gear S3 would be able to work with iPhones. I waited for awhile for Verizon to release another cellular version but didn’t until recently. So I got a regular S3. I love it’s more traditional look and it does the basics, but isn’t as fully integrated as an Apple Watch. I’m really glad Apple is finally releasing a cellular watch but I wish they had something other than square. I can’t get past the look. I’ve tried to see if different bands might help but they don’t. Maybe gen 4 will offer a round watch AND cellular, then I’ll switch. Until then it looks nice on my wife’s wrist, not mine.