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Originally Posted by rjdnyy224 View Post
Well, if I remember correctly, he was running a custom E map with a modified JB4 that wasn't exactly safe for the car and he was definitely pushing the limits of the internals, so I'd guess that you would have to do the same to match or best him with the same mods (not competitively, but you know what I mean). Then again, I know Cary makes awesome tunes, so he might be able to work some magic with that Ethanol, safely. Who knows! Fingers crossed for you, looking forward to the next entry, even if it's in December

Not custom... just JB4 with Map 7

Why canít this be a competition? We are literally making a list of the fastest time on the 1/4 mile. Unless we give everyone a trophy.
My best 60ft ever was 1.7 seconds. A fluke but Iím normally in between a 1.8 and 2.0 on run flat tires. My life isnít better for having a 12.8 time. Nor do I care for internet cred. If anything, itís annoying cause I get asked endlessly about my setup. You can have my exact setup but I spend so much time logging my car and obsessing over itís performance. When BM3 came out, I was excited to see how many cars would be in the 12ís. So many claims about having more power but no fast times. Some out there with built motors and still run a 13.1 .... I want to see a faster time with someone on BM3. When that day comes, Iíll get BM3 and beat their time lol