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This interpretation is, well....hilarious

Originally Posted by M5theonlyone View Post
VET was already coming back onto the track slowly with caution watching where he was GOING and by the time STR came into his vision STR (seing everything all the time) could have pulled over a trifle more seing VET's predicament and there would be no clip.All the time VET was proceeding slowly not seing STR 'till the last moment and giving him room to avoid.
Indeed it was STR himself shortly afterwards who forced another driver completely off the track with his manoeuvre annoyed and rattled that he could have avoided the VET car with some more grey matter.
....the video is factual....interpretations are not; again....the FIA F1 Sporting Regulations require drivers re-enter the track in a safe manner; VET hit STR (even though STR attempted to evade impact).

In case you have not been counting....the FIA considered the Monza incident of re-entering the track in an unsafe manner a "dangerous incident".

Additionally, the total sum of VET's altercations have placed him in peril of receiving a one-race this the professional results of a four-time WDC? Results don't lie....VET is off the rails and on thin ice with the FIA....

From the ESPN article:
"As he rolled back onto the track, he caught the passing Racing Point car of Lance Stroll. Stroll was sent into a spin, while Vettel suffered front wing damage which forced him to pit immediately. He would visit the pit-lane again shortly afterwards to suffer a stop-go penalty, where he had to sit stationary in the box for 10 seconds and then leave immediately. The only penalty more severe is a black flag, which denotes an instant disqualification.

In their report, the stewards said it deemed it a "dangerous incident". On top of his in-race penalty, Vettel was awarded three points on his superlicence, meaning he now has accumulated nine over a rolling 12-month period.

A driver is automatically banned for one race if they accumulate 12 points in that time span. None of Vettel's existing points expire until the U.S. Grand Prix in November, meaning the German driver will be on thin ice in the races before then."
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