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Back to BMW!

Hello everyone,
A few days before Christmas my 2008 Tahoe got hit and they declared it a total loss. I really loved that thing but I missed BMWs even more. So I picked up a F30 2012 328i for $10,200 from my local dealer. It has 70k miles and seems to be in good shape. I take delivery in 2 days (had to wait for insurance check). I really wanted another e93 or f33 but my insurance is way too high with previous wrecks being my fault, especially after I put the e93 into the back of a Lexus and totaled them both... and its nice not having car payments. A little older and wiser now, if I may say so.

I have to say Global Imports in Atlanta were great to deal with and they came down from $12,780.

Excited to pick up my car. I forgot how much I loved these things, despite the high maintenance! My golden retriever will probably tear the thing up, though lol. First order of business is tinting the windows, replacing the battery for good measure, and getting a seat protector for the pup! First mods will probably be grilles and would love to do the non-halogen lights.

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