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Originally Posted by JonoNZ View Post
What's so important about LED brake lights? Around here they appear all brands of car - low and high end. It's almost special to not have them now. I can't understand why you wouldn't buy a car just because of brake lights.
Hey Jono,

Sorry for slow reply was travelling on business.

I have a few reasons I will not consider a car without LED brake lights. In no particular order:

1. Safety - LED lights illuminate faster, are brighter, and more even. Small difference but a step in the right direction.
2. Aesthetics - To me, a brighter, cleaner, more modern look.
3. Value -The only reasons F30s do not have LED lights is for BMW to make easy changes for the LCI. BMW knows this makes a difference in many buyers' minds. Planned Obsolescence at its finest given that E92s have had LEDs since the LCI.
4. Technological progress - As you mentioned yourself, LEDs are not a big deal. Premium brands should be using cost-effective premium technology. LED certainly fits this description.
5. Longer life. Never had to change any of the LEDs in any of the cars I've owned. My stupid halogen Halo lights? Changed each side once already in 2 years, of course at different times, and paid labor to take the car apart to change an obsolete technology. LED halos? Reduce this PITA a lot. Sure, LEDs might be more, but given the cost of labor involved for those of us who do not DIY, it's not a significant issue.

So...there is why I will not buy a car without LED lights!
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