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Dashcam Installed-G1W-C

Finally got around to installing my dash cam. Hardwired it to the 12V accesory underneath the passanger kick panel.

After much research, I pretty much found out there are many options to choose from. Most of them are Korean and Chinese products so the quality is so so. But after visiting a few dashcam forums a few models started to stick out and came highlly reccomended. One being the G1W-C. the C stants for capasitor, whics is great for high temperatures. As batteries tend to explode and combined with cheap products I didnt chance it. 1080p and pretty good night vision, so I pulled the trigger.

Its a $55-60 camera and I was supplied from a couple of reputable links due to even these cheaper producst have knockoffs go figure .

The whole setup cost me around $90.
$55 camera, hardwire kit $11.50, 32gig sd card $18 and the add a fuse $6.
So far so good. Works great, and it has a power on off feature so it just stops recording and stores the file after power has been cut, and stars all over again once the power is supplied. The only thing I didnt like is it came wit a chrome lenz cover, so I did not want the extra attention, so I painted it black.

Anyone else running a dash cam? What are your impressions and which models have you been using? I have also heard good things about dash cam mini 0801 and 0803. I though about putting this one withoug the gps in my other car.
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