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Originally Posted by joewalton View Post
Try this:

1. Go to Radio > Presets and select a favorite station from the list you created on the LCD.

2. Using the iDrive controller, push the controller to the left (don't spin the dial, push the controller) so that the Radio Presets screen retracts and you're left on the Radio mode screen (shows all the bands, AM, FM, SAT, etc,).

3. Push the NAV button to bring up the map.

4. Use the scroll wheel on the steering wheel, tell me what you see.
That's what I'd do to get it back to showing only presets every time I got in the car, well a simplified version but did the trick.

But randomly, two days ago, it started working as normal. Before, I'd leave it under presets (can see them only in HUD) and turn off the car, and when I'd restart the car the next time it was on the same station, but under all FM stations. I'd hit Radio and it would show the FM/AM/Presets/Etc with Presets checked. I'd hit nav without doing anything and only the presets would show in the HUD.

Now it works as it used to. Leave it in a preset station and come back and it's still in presets.

Glad it reverted back to it's normal self, but no clue as to what I did.