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Originally Posted by jgentry View Post
I just traded my 2011 Camaro 2SS in on a brand new, 2013 335i xDrive Sedan and I couldn't be happier. Even with 100 less horse power, the BMW actually feels faster than the Camaro. Am I crazy?

I ended up purchasing a BMW that was already built and on a ship. It had a lot more features than I would have added had I built it from scratch but it was worth the extra money to not have to wait as long. I was a little annoyed that it took so long to get on a truck once it reached California. I think it sat idle for about 9 days.

Now the only complaint I have deals with the tires. The build sheet said it would show up with all-season tires. However, it clearly has high-performance tires on it. Being from Colorado, I really wanted the all-seasons. I'm working with my dealer now to rectify.

I'm really happy with the Harman Kardon sound system. The low end isn't as powerful as the 10" JBL I had in my Camaro but I'm definitely satisfied with what's there.

The backup camera is a must. The guidance lines are incredibly useful and I don't know if I can buy another car without them. I also got the heads-up display. Also nice although I can't figure out why the BMW engineers didn't add turn signals to the HUD. That seems like a no-brainer.

The connected drive is fun although I'm a little annoyed that it disables the bluetooth audio. I switch back and forth quite often. Also, I didn't buy the iPhone cradle because I will be upgrading to the iPhone 5 soon and $250 just seems like a waste, especially since all of the features work with the stock USB cable. I did find out, however, that it is a bad idea to leave your iPhone in the console when driving. It had to shut itself down because it overheated. I've since routed a USB cable through the console and ending up with the 30-pin connector next to the cup-holders (Macally cup-holder mount is on its way).

Overall I'm extremely impressed with the technology on my BMW. It seems like the engineers thought of everything (almost). As for a future feature wishlist, I'd really like the following (not sure if some of them are even possible or feasible, I know some of these are available in the higher-end BMW models):

1) Turn signals on the HUD
2) BMW Apps through bluetooth
3) Cruise control presets (i.e. 35mph, 45mph, etc.)
4) Programmable iDrive buttons next to the iDrive controller (a.k.a. knob)
5) Rear-view mirror position included as part of the profile memory
6) Tilt/telescope steering wheel included as part of the profile memory
7) iPhone album art display through bluetooth

That's all for now, time to go drive!

hey i see you have the 19" staggered wheels on there. Do you have any concerns about the 19" wheels for winter use? I'm debating whether I should have a spare 18" wheel set for winter if I order mine with the 19" wheels.

I'm also about to place an order on a 335i xdrive in mineral gray. the car is sweet, congrats!