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Originally Posted by remmib View Post
PCD - Same

CB - Same

Offset - Different offsets on different OEM F30 wheels
16x7 ET31
16x7.5 ET35
17x7.5 ET37, 17x8.5 ET47 rear if staggered
18x8 ET34, 18x8,5 ET47 rear if staggered
19x8 ET36, 19x8.5 ET47 rear if staggered
20x8 ET36, 20x8.5 ET47 rear if staggered

Mounting - 14x1.25

And F30 has taller tyres.

I'm a bit puzzled about the offsets being different though - I thought they had to be the same?

Or do the offsets differ depending on the wheels that the car comes with? To be honest though I don't really understand what the offset measurement really means.

Regarding the mounting specs, it sounds like you're saying that the info on the website is wrong?

As for the tyres being taller, do you mean the profile is bigger? IE the /xxR figure? (eg /45R or /50R)