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Tracking staggered RFT

Hey all, as the title suggests would i still have a fun time tracking my 340 m sport on staggered 403m running summer Eagle f1 RFT's (one tire is bulging slightly)? Or would I blow a tire if i hit a corner

I know its been said that I probably could get away with running RFT, but as track day is coming up I wanted to see if the tire bulge is a big enough reason for me to swap to square setup or just replace the current tires to PS4S.

I'm assuming I would be wasting my money if i replace these tires as they have < 10k miles, but more so since it would make sense to find a dedicated square setup and spend money on those tires. Am I overdoing it by looking for a square setup for my first time or should i just replace with PS4S and run staggered at the track until i am more experienced and push the car harder?

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