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Here's what my bulging S001 RFT looked like on the outside and inside. As you can see, it was a lot worse inside than the small bubble outside implied.

I replaced these with <10k miles as well. I did a bunch of drifting and donuts to burn down the back for fun, since i knew i was replacing them. Unfortunately the fronts still had probably 75% tread left when i replaced. I went with PS4S.

I had an autocross coming up and i opted to replace them right before the event rather than after. I did that because they check your tires, and will not let you run if there are major concerns or issues. I suspect a track day would be the same, so you risk not being able to run if you show up with a tire showing visual issues.

Here's my thread on PS4S for stock staggered 19s:

Outside photo:
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Inside the same tire:
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