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Originally Posted by shivaswrath View Post
Well...difference between M and 335i is much narrower than a 328i and 335i.

I would imagine most F30 335i owners didn't chose an M3 because its not out yet in the updated body style and because its not easy to DD an M3.

With that said, I've already dropped $5k into my 335i and I've Owned it 2 months.

Once done, ill have a car that should be almost as fast and easier to drive with better mpg than an M3.
Didn't buy an M because of the extra cost, the gas mileage, it's in the last year of the model year (I love it), and I NEED 4 doors for the a dog. To me I've never liked the 4 door M3. The coupe seems right.

And, I want a new car now and I don't know what a new four-door M3 would even look like.