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Originally Posted by Transfer View Post
Do you understand the general reason some cars have multiple exhaust exits, and why a 2.0 4cyl is not one of them? It's not about sound or looks although that usually follows when you have a car that actually should have 2-4 exits.

Super lame.
Care to explain the "general reason" cars have multiple exhaust exits?

E36 M3 and E34 M5 both have dual tip exhausts from 6 cyl engines
E46 M3 have quad tip exhaust from 6 cyl engine

E60 4 cyl engines have single tip (oval) exhaust
F10 4 cyl engines have dual tip exhaust

The following pictures shows different cars that all have a double exhaust system, independently of engine configuration (V or Inline - 4 or 6 cyl).

E36 M3 exhaust system:

E46 M3 exhaust system:

E30 M3 exhaust system (4 cyl engine):

Ford Sierra Cosworth (2l Turbo 4cyl engine):

Koenigsegg have just one exhaust outlet:

4 cylinder cars with multiple exhaust tips:

Vauxhall Astra VXR (2l Turbo):

Golf GTI (2l Turbo 4 cyl):

Passat Alltrack (2l Diesel):

Ford Mondeo TDCi (2l Diesel):

As far as I can see, multiple exhaust tips are used mostly for appearance, and in some cases to get enough flow capacity.

In the future I suspect we will see 4 cyl M cars again (E30 M3 was 4 cyl) and I won't bet against them having the now mandatory quad exhaust tip.