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upon further research, I have decided against buying the car. Trade in value on this car right now is around $18000. If I bought, I would be buying it at $10k over that, not including tax. There is that plus the fact that I just need a little more utility in my life at this point. Little more storage, more ground clearance so I'm not scraping the shit out of the front bumper everytime I enter the slightest driveway at a supermarket parking lot, maybe something w/AWD. Looks like I'm leaning towards soccer mom territory.

Moral of story is listen to nothing I say

The way I see it upon further number crunching, I would have to put about $10000 down on the car in order to have a payment similar to what my payment has been and in like 3 years, the car will be worth like 8 grand or something, then I'm paying money on maintenance and repairs. Just doesnt make sense unless I was going to keep it for like 10 years but thats impossible. So ive flip flopped again and I'll prob just lease an X1 M sport or something and call it a day.

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