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Arrow REMUS QUAD EXHAUST on F30 328i

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Hey guys I'm FrankiE90 from E90post.
Wanted to introduce myself to those of you that don't know me.


this is not my F30.
but I was in the neighborhood when this
exhaust was installed at Long Tran's.
Pulled the camera out took some photos and shot a sound clip.
A spanking brand new AW Msport F30 FTW!

Install was straight forward, fitment is great. The tips are clean -
overall a very classy mod for the F30.
You can easily put back ur stock exhaust if needed.

BEFORE PICT - looks brand new to me.
Name:  REMUS-F30_04.jpg
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As you can see the stock can / pretty heavy
Name:  REMUS-F30_05.jpg
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the quads lay'd out - axle back
Name:  REMUS-F30_06.jpg
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remus logo on the tips
Name:  REMUS-F30_07.jpg
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yes for a 328i F30 i'm sure it fits for a 2013 as well.
Name:  REMUS-F30_08.jpg
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this is where you cut and attach the remus exhaust to.
clamp came with exhaust. thank god.
Name:  REMUS-F30_09.jpg
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tips being adjusted... Ivan adjusting... there's no
way to say this right. self adjusting in progress - nohomo
Name:  REMUS-F30_10.jpg
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it's on!
yes the diffuser needs to be trim'd - professional install
highly recommended. but diy is always encouraged.
Name:  REMUS-F30_02.jpg
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Name:  REMUS-F30_03.jpg
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final tip adjustment from the modfather and ivan --
again no right way to say it... adjusting tips is just part of modd'n.
Name:  REMUS-F30_01.jpg
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SOUND CLIP and nothing else.

I have to say the MSPORT on the f30 looks excellent.
for those of you that don't have msport - i have to say
consider get'n the kit. Looks so clean.
happy mod'n
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