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Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping safe during these difficult times.

My 428i idle's very very rough, almost like its about to stall. I'll give a little back story. I've been running Bootmod3 Stage 1 93oct for almost 10,000kms now all stock and around 5000kms with a catless downpipe and everything was working and driving like a charm. The car then was due for a major service at 65,000 kms with spark plugs oil change etc all required, everything was allgood till the car came up and eventually popped up with 'overdue 500kms' and i started the car one day and it was like it was about to stall. This happens everytime i come to a red light as well and go to a full stop, car is about to switch off, rpms are very rough. I took the car into BMW my service advisor told me that I did not need to remove the tune so I did not. They serviced the car but they didn't see anything wrong with the idle. Stupid if you ask me. As soon as I jumped back in the car started it, immediately I realised... Very stuttery rough start, and if you just tap the accelerator pedal a little and let go the car is almost about to turn off. What could be the issue? There is no codes that come up, but sometimes a transmission ESG error comes up code CF1531 when the vehicle is switched off after a tune update idk if thats normal. I'm really worried. Even flashed it back to stock, still the same problem... Please someone help!! Thank you

Edit: guys could this be an engine knock?? Please see video

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