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Originally Posted by G50 View Post
If you're averaging 33mpg in your 330d, you will be looking at mid 20's for the same driving style and journeys in a 40i.

My long term average in my 330d is 43 mpg, I would imagine a 40i on the same journeys would be around 35-38mpg long term average.
From first hand experience, the long term average on my old F31 330d was 42mpg and I had the car from 9k to 85K miles.

My current F31 340i over same journeys for last 20K miles has an average of 31.5mpg but then I probably don't sit with a steady throttle as much as I did in the 330d as I do like to 'use' it a bit more.

I recon for my type of driving roads the 40i will always be 10mpg less than the 30d which seems to have proven to be about right.
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