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Originally Posted by mcdrums1 View Post
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There are no signs of having anything to do with the turbo, I'd stay away from that mechanic.

Generic P code scanners are mediocre at best at identifying specific problems, but the best guess is a dirty or failed egr valve. It's a fairly easy repair.
Thanks for the reply. He looked at my engine and saw carbon leaking by the turbo and assumed that was the problem, he didn't run a code. We were doing basic service and he noticed it.

I mentioned the code that I ran above and he said it was probably an EGR valve that would cause the engine to give me that warning. He's legit, friend at work that runs his biz on the side.

Being that I'm at over 120,000 miles, wouldn't I need to replace the turbo anyway? Hopefully its just the valve, but the emissions inspection service warning is on, and has been on prior to the drivetrain error
You don't need to replace the turbo. The mechanic you were working with likely has had experience with the old VW TDIs. The ALH motor had common issues with them going into limp mode. When that happened dealers and many shops would say you need to replace the turbo. It would go into limp mode due to over boost. Would freak out the ECU. All you really needed to do was replace the actuator on the VNT turbo which was not a separately sold part except aftermarket.

Source: currently own a heavily modified 2001 ALH

That being said, that has nothing to do with you car. Just some comments

With your bmw, sounds like you have a sticky egr. Clean it or replace it. Careful cleaning it, you don't want to get any particulates in the manifold. Replacing it requires replacing coolant or clamping the lines.
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