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Originally Posted by AndrewC1989 View Post
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So if a faulty cooler is damaging the valve itself, causing it to stick, then it's not the soot buildup on the valve that's the problem... Seems counterintuitive that the cooler could trash the valve repeatedly, yet one only gets valve trouble codes.

I'm really curious what damage the cooler has that could cause the valve to go bad as well.
I'm curious as well. Will update in 2 weeks (needed a loaner) after bmw takes a stab at it.
I'm having the same issue. I brought mine to the dealer for drivetrain malfunction warning. I scanned with OBD reader and got P049D. Told this to service but they said it's unlikely. So they replaced the transfer case, cv joint, flex disc, transmission bearing all for free. Mine has 105k miles. Picked it up 3 days ago and warning came on again today. Same P code. I've thought it's needed an egr all along. There was no signs it needed a transfer case. I was very surprised they did that. Will call them tomorrow and see if that's also covered under warranty. If not I'll replace it myself.
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