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I'm having the same issue. I brought mine to the dealer for drivetrain malfunction warning. I scanned with OBD reader and got P049D. Told this to service but they said it's unlikely. So they replaced the transfer case, cv joint, flex disc, transmission bearing all for free. Mine has 105k miles. Picked it up 3 days ago and warning came on again today. Same P code. I've thought it's needed an egr all along. There was no signs it needed a transfer case. I was very surprised they did that. Will call them tomorrow and see if that's also covered under warranty. If not I'll replace it myself.
I think the egr cooler is warrantied but the egr valve isn't, so depending on the codes they may or may not charge. I'm really hoping it's the cooler since I'm on valve #3 and still getting codes. Problem is bmw weren't the ones doing my labor for me so me telling them what my mechanic said may not hold any weight and I may get stuck with a 4th valve and be paying for it. Fortunately if it fails again I'm pretty sure they'd stop charging me and dig deeper and find the cooler is to blame. At least that's what I'd hope. Ah, the joys of out of warranty bmw ownership.
To save $$$ sometimes I buy the parts from getbmwparts and bring them in so I just labor. No mark up on parts.

I wonder if you manifold is all sooted up causing restricted airflow. That used to be common problem in the ALH VW TDIs which I'm more familiar with. You should get a flex telescoping camera to see for yourself. I think it's called a boroscope. Harbor freight sells a cheap one
Does anyone have a link to the recall notice?
Assuming the issue is egr valve or cooler…. Can anyone confirm if an EGR delete or an egr block off plate will resolve the issue?

Alternatively, if I went with a tune which disabled the EGR system instead of the Kerma tune, would that resolve the issue as well?
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