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Originally Posted by Losco
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Yep, so the question is what do you get? Maybe individual leather on a 3er? Still not a 5. Hmm. It's funny, but interior means a lot and I feel like they still haven't figured out how to offer a 3er size with first class interior. I would pay extra for a 3er with 5/7 interior
well I'd like to stay at 5er size max. (no more than 1900mm wide)
so far my considerations:

pro: good cargo, about same size as 5er, bit shorter.
con: ugly as hell inside out, not sporty.

3 GT:
pro: good size, decent cargo, sporty(considering F30 and if it stays about same)
con: basically chinese 3er LWB with different skin. cheap interior.

pro: same size, better cargo, nice interior
con: same size... feels like driving a boat(F10)

5er GT: It's nice but it'll be last resort due to size

6er GC: love everything except size.

new X5: I can't handle the size if it's bigger than current X5, it's already too big. spyshots so far seems to show nice interior...

pro: driver's car, sporty
con: small cargo

I think this sums up my car-shopping list coming up next feb. people make fun of BMW making all these niche cars but they haven't filled mine yet

I hear you!

Very similar considerations for me. I hoped the 3gt would have the interior class of the 5gt, and be slightly smaller and prettier

To your list, though, I would add

F31 M Sport, with individual interior
Pros: sporty drive, cargo ok
Cons: still a 3er, rear seat room.

Audi a6 allroad
Pros: great engines, handling / ride compromise and interior, cargo
Cons: as big as an f11 (though doesn't feel it to drive)

Audi sq5
Pros: cargo, interior, biturbo diesel
Cons: Audi steering, exterior styling a little bland

Porsche macan
To early to say!

And yes, we are off topic, I know...BMW please answer our prayers and fill our niche and we won't stray!