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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
I noticed that too, and it surprised me much more than the transmission gear ratios being the same. The latter is pretty common for cars with different engines (see E9x 335i and E9x M3 for example), but typically the final drive is used as the equalizer. I guess the N20 and N55 are similar enough in power delivery that they can use the exact same ratios from the engine to the wheels. What's interesting though, is that for the manual transmission, everything is different. Even the transmission itself is totally different between the two (not even the same manufacturer, apparently). Seems a little strange given how similar the respective AT-equipped cars are.
Right. I agree that for AT it is possible due to similar turbo delivery and its power band that this may work. Both engines sweet spots may be the same, where 328 would be accelerating slower but as far as the fuel economy it makes sense. None are used for top speed anyway since there is a gov limiter.

Manual is what gets me more puzzled as well. Aside form the torque rating that's probably different, so the tranny would be cheaper for 328 (I'd assume)
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