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Originally Posted by discoboy1 View Post

So to do list, be there tonight will report this evening:

Picture right side of motor
Tie myself to the car until I get a straight answer...
i called bmw canada head office and told them about the misinformation at the montreal show and i got "the corporate i have no idea" response. she then followed up with, "the web site should have a press release soon". i'm sure you will get the same blank look from the reps on the floor. push them hard, theeeennnn strap yourself to the car. and make sure you take pics of that too.

Originally Posted by ynguldyn View Post
Ah, smart move!

And 3D33 (RWD) is alive in the system too.

So, it's a 320d rebadged as 328d for US. Now we just need to find out if it really deserves to be badged like this.

Brief inspection makes it obvious there will be power difference: the bumper grilles are different from EU 320d (different cooling -> possibly different boost), and the exhaust is dual instead of single pipe.
where did you check to see if these two codes are active?