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Originally Posted by kevlartoronto View Post
where did you check to see if these two codes are active?
See clarence's wallpaper on the previous page. This is a jpg generated by based on the model code and options (open the image in a new browser tab and read the URL, everything is specified in it). Basically, what you do is go to configurator, click to download the wallpaper, then start tweaking the URL of the image. You can add/remove option codes, and you'll see different wheels, different colors, etc. This is trivial. What is more interesting is you can also change model code, and if that model code exists in the site's internal database, will generate you an image of that model, even if there's no public link to that model. So, you start with just any F30, then get the image URL, replace the model code, and if you get an image, then you know that model exists. So, from that VIN we knew that the model code of the car at the show was 3D53, and clarence confirmed that, when generated that image for him. As for the RWD car, we've known for a few months now that the North American model code would be 3D33, since the first image of a NA spec diesel example was posted on this forum several months ago. I tried it, and got the same image as clarence did, but without the xDrive badge on the trunk.

Another example: if you use 3G53 model code, you'll see the North American 328i Touring, and 3G73 will show the NA 328i xDrive Touring. There's nothing official about them besides some promo materials on, but these images provide some additional information.