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Originally Posted by Vitoco
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It depends what the seasons are like where you are. I'm sure that in Sweden using anything but real snow tires in the winter is brutally stupid. In places where snow is infrequent and light you have more margin of error in tire selection. Specialized tires are clearly the best for whatever season they're made for of course.
You do have a valid point but on the other hand, if you live in a place with no "real" winter it would probably mean you live in a warmer climate and have hotter springs/summers/falls so during these season you would still want a tyre with characteristics optimized for those seasons ----> a real summer tyre. With an all-season setup you would still have a bad setup throughout these seasons, dont you think?
Not necessarily a true assumption. I live in NorCal where commuting I've seldom seen temperatures below 50 F. However I can drive 20 miles to a mountain where when it rains there's slush and ice everywhere and summer tires are like ice skates. Or I can drive 4 hours to Tahoe and even if there isn't snow, the temperatures drop below freezing at night.

Even around here there's a good argument for getting summer biases all seasons like Conti DWSes or Bridgestone Potenza RE970s... The sacrifice in performance is not terribly noticeable unless you always drive your car at the limit of adhesion and it saves you from investing in winter tires that you might only use a few days per year.