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Originally Posted by maysiu View Post
Hi folks,

I'm planning to custom build my 2013 328i with the college graduate incentive. I figure custom build would take at least 8 weeks to get here. But I actually graduated in December 22, 2011(my commencement's date). If I order one now, will I still be able to apply the incentive to my purchse? I would also want to ask if you guys have any idea how they verify it. And how they determine the one year period. Do they take the commencement date or the last day of class?

Thanks in Advance!!!
From my experience, they want a copy of your transcript (unofficial of course) and the number of the registrars office. Whether they actually follow up is anyone's guess. Therefore, I think they are looking for the date of degree conferral.

The other benefit of the CG incentive is getting approved at the lowest financing rate without much credit/income history. This would be locked up for 60 days after approval, so I'd think you would get this given your timeline.

I'm not the most well versed in incentive programs, but I'd guess SamS is right and it all comes down to the dealer and how you go about negotiating the price.