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Originally Posted by Revelator View Post
Great thread. I have the exact same problem with my STI's USB port. No matter how many songs I load up on a USB, the car only plays the first 255 songs. Annoying as all get out.

So you guys are saying that you only have to place the songs on the root of the drive and it will play however many are on the USB drive (i.e., not limited to a specific amount of songs)?

I have a pretty extensive music catalog, but unfortunately most are in mp3 format. Fortunately though most of the collection is on CD so I just need to devote some time to rip all to FLAC files since the 340 obviously boasts a much better HK system than my STI....
I find it unlikely that placing all the songs in the root would be a good idea. Almost every file system out there has issues if you have too many files in the root folder. My 2013 F30 without enhanced USB had issues with NTFS over a certain size (I think 32GB) and I used a third-party formatting program to force a large FAT32 file system because Windows 8 and 10 will use an altered version of FAT past 32GB (exFAT, which MS created with Windows CE and still tries to use with removable media at certain file system sizes) that was causing issues. Voltage was also lower on the older non-enhanced USB in the F30's (I couldn't run an SSD, another guy who had the Enhanced USB could in his '13).

Long story short, someone with an older F30 with the 1.1 USB in the glove box is going to have different issues than someone with a 2.0 port and/or a newer car.