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Originally Posted by EnerJi
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Well on the BMW config site, that 45500 is about invoice, and he told me that's the price he'll get it, and he can lower it by a bit, and he said this is all before any incentives are added. Seems fair to me. I'll check it out today
Check carefully for hidden fees or other "gotchas," but if it's as described, this is a great deal. Congrats!
Got the car at 45025, which is 500 below their invoice price, and 75 below the invoice on bmwconfig site. No hidden fees at all, just the standard maco:400, training:180, handling:895, dealer fees: total was about 120ish, then registration fee at 450. That was it. Then got the 1000 holiday incentive on top if it, with the advertised 3.29 apr. I feel like I got a really great deal.