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Framless doors

Originally Posted by Lux_GT View Post
Hi Everyone,

Im considering the purchase of a fully loaded (every option package, included the adaptive M suspension) Lux 2014 335xi GT from CarMax with 20k on the odometer.

While I am not a huge fan of CarMax, I believe this car is priced aggressively when considering all the options.

I have had several German vehicles from Merc and VW, I will be new to BMW. As a result, I am also considering purchasing the a MaxCare or Route 66 warranty package.

From trolling forums, I found the following information, please confirm my understanding is correct:
1.) The Auto Folding/Un-Folding of the door mirrors for Lock/Un-Lock commands is not available to US cars and needs to be programmed.
2.) Currently there is not a method for remotely starting the car, even via the BMW App.

For a few general questions:
1.) Ive seen some complaints about the interior noise on the GTs due to the frameless doors. Do have an issue with excessive road noise?
2.) What is the average MPG you get on a 335xi?
3.) How much does BMWs connected services (BMW App, and SOS feature) cost to renew yearly or when the vehicle warranty has expired?
4.) What are the known issues with the F35, X-drive system, or GT body I should be concerned about?
5.) Would you purchase the 335i again?

I appreciate any information you share.

I've had frameless doors since 1994 on 6 BMWs including this one and it was never a noise problem. When you close the door the window moves up into the top and makes a tight seal.