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BMW Apps or not / Adapter question

Originally Posted by southlight View Post
Yes, that's right. The alternative is to get both 6NL and 6NF as you'd then be able to put your iPhone into the snap-in adapter (better reception through car antenna) and play music/video at the same time.

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There appears to be a hundred threads on this and in the interest of time I figured I'd throw this out there vs. reading through 500 pages.

Do you need BMW Apps for your iPhone to interface with the Nav? I'd like to save the $800 bucks since you have to add the BMW assist as well.

For the adapter I assume you can't have a case of any sort on your phone? I do like the idea of better reception via the antenna. Does anyone use pandora, etc through the phone?

I'll search a few more minutes and see if I find my answer.