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Insider: Alfa Romeo 4C gets 240PS / 270PS, Racing, Stradale & Roadster Variants Confirmed


According to information which was sent directly to our editorial office, Alfa Romeo will be launching the 4C in Geneva as a special ‘Launch Edition’. We received this info in response to our report this morning about the exact statistics of the 4C. This model will, just like the concept of 2011, be given a special bodywork-color and a limited badge. The mail sent to us stated that around 200 units of this ‘Launch Edition’ will be made, half of which will have the steering wheel at the left side. This mail also said that this news has been announced to dealerships in England.

Thanks to a CarScoop reader who happens to be a Swiss dealer and who attended an Alfa Romeo meeting earlier this month, we are in a position to share several new details about the production 4C that will likely be presented at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

Contrary to initial reports that its 1.8-liter [1750cc] turbocharged inline-four could put out as much as 300-horses, Alfa Romeo officials told dealers that its output will be 240PS or 237hp for the base model, the same as in the Giulietta QV from which it is borrowed.

If a four-cylinder sounds inappropriate for an Italian supercar, the carbon fiber chassis will keep the weight low, though, we assume it will be more than the 850 kg (1,874 pounds) that were announced for the concept model and which theoretically give the 4C an impressively lower power-to-weight ratio of 3.5 kg/PS.

Nevertheless, it should be able to keep up with other mid-engine sports cars like the new 275PS (271hp) Porsche Cayman and perhaps even the Cayman S which, despite boasting 325PS (321hp), is much heavier at 1,320 kg (2,910 pounds) and has a power to weight ratio of 3,78 kg/PS.

Moreover, our source said that Alfa is targeting a price between €56,000 and €64,000 (equal to US$76,400-$87,300 at today's rates), depending on the trim level, in Switzerland.

This means that the 4C will be priced closer to the base 275PS Cayman, which costs €57,500 (US$79,000) in Switzerland rather than the 325PS Cayman S, which at €71,230 (US$97,300) is far more expensive. To get an idea of what it may cost in the States, the base Cayman has an MSRP of $52,600, and Cayman S, $63,800.


That’s because, according to our insider, global production will be limited to just 2,000 units, equally split between the coupe (1,000 units) and the roadster model (1,000 units) that was also confirmed during the Alfa Romeo dealer meeting.

This number also includes the track-only “Racing” version as well as the road-legal Stradale, both of which will be introduced in 2014 featuring a more potent engine delivering 270PS (266hp).

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