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Originally Posted by Greenkirby21 View Post
yes i know haha. but performance wise the only thing my 128i can compare to a BRZ is straight line speed. Of course the BRZ would kick my cars ass for everything else.

From what i've seen these two cars are pretty close, with the 128i being slightly faster. I've seen manual 128i's hit 5.9/6.0 stock and based on reviews/youtube the BRZ gets around 6.3 stock.

I thought it would be just an interesting race. I can't wait for the BRZ WRX STI as it will most likely be my next car
Agreed. The BRZ Sti is going to be insane. All of that tossability and handling but with 280 HP/250 ft-lb and a factory turbo to boot? Can't go wrong with that combination.

IIRC the Sti will also have a non-turbo version for 230 HP, although I don't quite understand the point of that. The Sti should only be the turbo-variant with 280/250.