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'12 328i with premium +exec vs '13 328xi with premium, Harman Kardon vs Standard

So I just sent in my '12 328i Alpine White with Premium and Exec package in for repairs (rattling and software upgrade) and got a '13 328i Xdrive Red, with premium as a loaner and here are the differences, I felt between the two.

The two care are quite alike, not much difference when it comes to the mileage.

Harman Kardon vs Standard Stereo:
Is the difference between the two systems worth the extra $$, YES !! They're both very good but the HK system is much better.The standard system sounds tiny compared to the HK system, the bass sounds like one of the woofers is missing. The tweeters were decent but hurt the ears when the volume went up. I wasn't expecting such a big difference, but yea, it's worth the extra money !! The other MAJOR issue is the fact that you can't change the exact frequencies, and are stuck to the general, "Bass" and "Treble", this makes a huge difference on it's own.

Handling / Ride
I drive rather fast. I do cut in and out of traffic. I do like cutting in front of people and hate slow drivers. But I still love being safe and confident with my vehicle. The RWD 328i, which btw, I LOVE.. is very exciting, but since I drove the Xdrive, its gonna be hard going back. It's extremely well balanced, the vehicle doesn't ever feel that it's going to loose control, TONS of grip and just soo much more planted over the RWD.

Model Year '12 vs '13 Minor Changes
- The in dash display is a little upgrade with a few extra graphics
- There is a ASS icon that flashes in/out which I HATE !!!
- The * icon showing the ac now actually shows "A/C".
- The steering is soo much smoother, which might just be my car's issue, which is why I mentioned it here.

That's about it. I still LOVE my car.. I do wish I bought an AWD version though, personally, it gives me so much more confidence in the car and in myself while driving.

Also, the HK system is a no brainer !!
2012 F30 328i, Alpine White on Black, Luxury, Premium + Exec. Package...

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