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Mysterious Leaking Tire !?!

I have been having a slow leak in one of my tires that I've replaced for about the past 6 months. Each week, I will have to pump my rear driver tire. This has been bugging me and has happened ever since I changed my OEM wheels for aftermarket and new tires. The tire itself and wheel seems to be FINE. I've brought it to three shops already, they've tested the tire and cannot find any leak whatsoever... This is very disappointing for me and was wondering if anyone know the causes for slow leaks? They filled the tire to max and did the bubble test, no bubbles whatsoever coming from the valve. Tire looks perfect, etc. I am scratching my head on this because it can leak soo slow. I fill the tire up to 40psi every week and by the end of the week my sensor reads it down to ~28-30 ,before I get the flat tire indicator that I need to fill. Anyone have any ideas on slow leaks or how I can find the culprit? Please help! It's driving me nuts and these are new wheels/tires! I don't want to resort to going back to my stock wheels,tire.