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Great article, thank you! it is way to expensive, given the fact the choices are limited and these cats are not fully loaded with options and packages. I live in US, heart of Silicon Valley minutes away from Apple Computer and 20 minutes away from Intel, Yahoo, Google, and Facebook to name a few. No one is going to pay that much for any plan. You can lease a fully loaded M5 Competition for about $1,400 dollars a month and drive the car everyday and everywhere you go. Mercedes, Porsche, and Volvo have the similar plans. There is a lot of money here, but people are smart, do the math, and competitions with other other automakers is very high. BMW has to do better and live up to their slogan, "Ultimate Driving Machine ". They need to be the Ultimate program provider. If thos is thier start in a plot status to see how people respond, well, they have failed.