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Originally Posted by Joekerr View Post

So its an old story, but I still am trying to figure out what I could have said in this situation that was still safe rather than looking like an idiot with a goofy grin on my face.

So I pulled onto this concession road (long, straight, few farmhouses but very little traffic) and give the car the boot just to have a little fun. About a mile or more away I see another car approaching and while I couldn't pick it out at that distance, the light signature just looked odd to me, like a potential cop, so I immediately braked and brought it down to about 10-15 km/h over the speed limit which is typically pretty safe here.

So anyways, as we get closer, I realize it is indeed a cop driving the other way and as he passes me, I'm sort of breathing a sigh of relief until I see his brake lights come on hard and pull a U turn...then I know he definitely had me on radar way back there. So I pull over, he said he had clocked me at 109 in an 80 km/h (which is true, I was well above 109 probably, I still often let the car drift up to 115 or so on this road to this day), he grabs my license and insurance, looks at it in his car, then comes back to the window.

When he comes back, he then said he was really impressed at how far away I managed to identify him (guess his radar showed when I started to brake). So I'm sitting there, wondering what to say to that. I mean, if I say thanks, I'm definitely admitting I was a very naughty person back there and richly deserving of a ticket, BUT it would also show that I'm a fairly aware driver too. So I can't remember what I wound up doing, aside from sitting there probably with a goofy grin and probably saying something dumb like "yeah".

But what would you have done if I admitted it in that circumstance, or what is safe to say?

All I remember was that he then looked at me and recognized that I would walk my dog down a nearby street that he would sometimes patrol and once we established that, we talked about the new Charger and he let me off with a warning and asked me to keep it below 100 on that stretch.

So it was all good in the end...but is it favourable to admit you saw the officer in that circumstance or you think it could be a bit of a trap?
I don't know that acknowledging your mistake is as bad as some make it seem. In many cases, owning up to a mistake is valued.......even a tad refreshing, especially since people tend to object to, and deny, any wrongdoing much of the time. I think you handled it well.

With regards to the situation that you found yourself in, the officer definitely did you a solid by not citing/arresting you for reckless driving and towing/impounding your car. Having knowledge of the area and desolate nature of that road likely factored into his decision to send you away with a warning (...and advise to top it off at 100mph). Cool cop if you ask me.